Are piercings dangerous?

The disadvantages to body piercings are social perceptions and possible health complications. The social perceptions of body piercings are dependent on the region or people involved, but they can potentially influence getting hired at a job, finding someone to date or possibly just how people respond to a person in a social setting. The health complications include a number of different possibilities.

The most common health complication that comes with body piercings is infection. If the piercing is not properly cared for, it can become red and swollen, which causes a lot of pain and distracts from the visual aspect the piercing was intended to enhance. Body piercings can also cause problems if they puncture a nerve or a blood vessel. Accidentally puncturing a nerve will cause severe pain and possible nerve damage, and puncturing a blood vessel, depending on the size, could mean just a bandage to cover it or a trip to the hospital. The last major health disadvantage is the possibility of blood poisoning, which can cause serious health problems.

Many people still view body piercings as unprofessional, which can have consequences during a job hunt. Employers may identify the wearer with certain groups or cultures, which may make others more hesitant to approach or interact with the wearer.

Are piercings dangerous?

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